CRPride Board Announces Inaugural Parade!

CRPride's mission is “To create opportunities for awareness, inclusivity and visibility of LGBTQIA+ within our community."

The community has been asking about a parade for the past several years and the board took to heart the communities wishes regarding our 2019 events. We had many discussions and agreed to commit to doing what was necessary to bring a parade to Cedar Rapids. We are extremely excited to bring this family event to the community.

Today, the CRPride Board was to announce our first pride parade in Cedar Rapids for June 6. 2020.  Our parade committee has been working tirelessly to bring this most requested event to our 2020 line up of events since last September.

However, with today's world health crisis and many unknowns over the next several months, we regret to have to postpone the parade to 2021.  We hope to see everyone at the parade on June 5, 2021.

Fundraising for this year's other activities and the 2021 parade continues.  If you would like more information about sponsorships or donating, please visit the appropriate page on this website.